THQ takes on Katamari on Wii and DS

THQ is working away on a quirky new Wii and DS game called de Blob, set to arrive on Wii and DS in February 2008.

Its premise sounds simple yet charming and inventive - almost like Katamari Damacy. Described as an action puzzle game, you roll and bounce your blob around leaving streaks of color on the surfaces you touch. Your task is to revitalize Chrome City, which has been robbed of all its life and color by an evil corporation called I.N.K.T.

"Gamers will embark on a quest to re-animate the city of Chroma, and bring spunk and character back to the oppressed, by splattering buildings, landmarks, and citizens with color," explains THQ.

The game will also feature a four-player split-screen multiplayer mode.

More will be revealed at E3 next week.

July 6, 2007