THQ reveals MX vs ATV Untamed, first screens

MX vs ATV Untamed is set to debut on Wii, PS3, 360 and DS in January 2008. The new offroader will feature a new Endurocross mode that THQ says, "pit[s] gamers against logs, rocks, mud-pits and more, illustrating the full potential of the franchise's cutting-edge Rhythm Racing physics engine."

No, this doesn't mean you'll be racing against logs and rocks. These races are basically indoor racing events with courses packed full of the kind of obstacles you'd expect to encounter outdoors.

The increased grunt of the new consoles will also be used to create the series' biggest and most populated open-ended environments through which you'll race. And the new physics allow for throttle-based power-slides, among other extreme stunts.

THQ also promises that every last mode, course and vehicle in the game will be playable online.

Jack Sorenson, executive vice president of worldwide studios, said: "We've taken the core MX vs ATV racing experience and tailored game-play to match the strengths of each individual gaming machine." So motion controls on the cards for Wii and PS3 then.

PS2 and PSP versions are also planned for a later release date.

July 9, 2007