This week's best Overwatch moments: Tracer is adorable, Junkrat's still a jerk

Each week, we share the best outplays, strategies, and funny accidents from the past seven days of Overwatch matches all around the world. But the game also has plenty of heartwarming moments. Whether it’s a selfless act by a teammate or a pleasant surprise in the pre-game skirmish, there’s lots of joy to be found in this team shooter. (Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of hilarity on display, too.) 

1. Ever get that feeling of deja vu?

Who says Overwatch is just about death and domination? Here, when two Tracers on opposing sides meet face to face before the match starts, they coincidentally launch into the exact same emote. Adorbs!

2. Lucio drops the beat (and the enemies)

Overwatch’s favorite party-starting DJ is the master of environmental kills. Here, he uses the alternate fire on his Sonic Amplifier to knock four opponents off a bridge in Lijiang Tower, then wall ride away to safety.

3. Reinhardt is so close, and yet so far

Normally, Reinhardt charging into an Ana means instant death for the healer. But here, he manages to accidentally push her onto a lower platform, but fall to his own demise. Sometimes, game geometry just has it in for you.

4. Genji, the ultimate bodyguard

Normally, the support role is the one to make a clutch save of a teammate. But Genji proves that he can do it all, using his Deflect ability while leaping in front of an unprotected Zenyatta. That’s real teamwork.

5. Genji, the innocent bystander

Junkrat’s post-death grenades have been fodder for many a hilarious gif. In this case, Junkrat’s falling corpse explodes and catches a poor, hapless Genji who happened to be walking under the ledge when he died.

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Anna Washenko
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