This upcoming imsim slaps a gorgeous comic book style over Dishonored's stealthy stabbing

First-person view showing our character holding a broken glass bottle against three enemies,
(Image credit: New Blood Interactive)

Fallen Aces is an upcoming immersive sim, and its newest gameplay deep dive looks like it’s slapping a stylish comic book aesthetic over Dishonored’s stealthy shenanigans. 

Fallen Aces debuted a new 9-minute gameplay video that shows what appears to be the game’s opening level. Our main man seems to be hunted by a shadowy criminal organisation, and a brutal encounter in his apartment building soon gives way to chaos in the run-down city streets. All of it looks absolutely gorgeous, but don’t take my word for it. Take a look below.

Fallen Aces’ store page describes it as a “crime noir FPS that plays right out of the ‘90s and looks like it’s right outta the comics.” But the walkthrough’s wide open levels, stealthy and shooty options, and a wide plethora of weapons give off more of an immersive sim energy - in the best way possible. 

The best thing about the above gameplay, to me, was the undeniable style on show. That extends to all the tiny details, like how enemies flinch in comical ways when you grab them. Or how you can pick up tiny rats that are just minding their business. Or how you can sprint headfirst into doors to bash them open. Or how foes can slip on banana peels. It gives the whole stealthy-stabby ongoings some humour.

The other game that Fallen Aces brings to mind is a weird one: Grabbed By The Ghoulies. In just 9 minutes, our protagonist cycles through guns, stray floorboards, foodstuffs, and various miscellaneous items as weapons. I can imagine that people will chain together all these weird tools in ultra-cool ways come release time, just as they did with Dishonored or to a lesser extent with Starfield

There’s no release date yet for Fallen Aces, but you can find a demo on Steam right now. 

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