This Pikachu ASMR video is here to help you relax

Pikachu ASMR
(Image credit: Pokemon)

The official Japanese Pokemon Youtube channel is here to help you relax with an official Pikachu ASMR video. 

Had a busy week? Feeling a little worn out? I feel you. Thankfully, the famous electric mouse is here to help you unwind by pitter-pattering about and saying its name in various hushed tones, as first spotted by Eurogamer. The incredibly adorable Pikachu runs up to the screen, goes behind it to create ear-to-ear sounds, and also proceeds to get some shut-eye by having a little snooze on a cozy rug. It's so wholesome. 

"Here's our ASMR offering that will have you spend a lazy sunny afternoon with the playful Pikachu romping around the room," the video description reads. For "optimal performance", it also recommends that you listen to the video with headphones so you can make the most of the sounds Pikachu makes. 

This isn't the first time Pokemon has released an ASMR video. Earlier in the year, Charmander helped everyone unleash their inner Snorlax with a nap by a crackling fire. Squirtle has also joined in with a day at the beach

If you're new to the world of ASMR, It's really taken off in recent years on YouTube, and people all over the world watch it as a way to be comforted or relax. It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and those who experience it can often get into a relaxed state from viewing a variety of activities. As a big Pokemon fan who frequently watches ASMR videos, I have a lot of appreciation for these very cute Pokemon versions. 

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