This is Vegas Updated Hands-on

By now you’ve read about thenvisioned by This is Vegas’ developers: open world on the bottom, Vegas style in the middle, and partying at the top. At Midway’s Gamers Day, we got a full serving of partying with a dash of Vegas style, but no open world play (ie, driving and shooting) was forthcoming.

Our demo began with a look at the party scene, which takes place in a dance club environment filled with interlinking mini-games. Your goal is to get 1000 party points in 10 minutes. Your DJ friend lays it out for you: keep the drinks flowing, the dance floor hot, and the losers out. The dancing mini-game plays like a golf swing meter – tap your button when the marker gets to the middle – and can be comboed for maximum value. Keep doing it right and you can drop a Buzz Bomb, which will result in the entire dance floor busting out into synchronized dancing. This is a huge multiplier for your party points total, as you score for everyone on the floor.

To keep the drinks flowing, you play a Tapper-esque mini-game sliding up and down the bar serving patrons. You can either serve a beer, pour a cocktail, light a cigarette, or attack depending on a color-coded prompt. Missing cues results in wacky mishaps, like lighting hair on fire or smashing people’s heads into the bar.

Inevitably, you’ll have to fight a few “cheesy bachelors” who bring down the party and do serious damage to your party point total. These must be dealt with immediately, or you’ll never get to 1000 points and the wet tee-shirt blowout that follows. Before you get too excited, know that there was nary a nipple to be seen. The shirts actually darkened, and the whole scene felt a little, well, uncomfortable. So back to the “cheesy bachelors.”