This fan-made Super Mario 64 roguelike with an infinite amount of randomly generated levels lets you play the classic forever, if you're good enough

Super Mario 64
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Act like the '90s never ended with this reimagining of Super Mario 64, which turns the classic game into a roguelike with infinite levels.

As you can see below, one Super Mario 64 fan has been incredibly hard at work of late. 'Infinite Mario 64' does exactly what it says on the tin - it lets you play Super Mario 64 forever by repeatedly generating random levels in front of you and turning the entire thing into a weird and vibey roguelike.

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The levels look surprisingly big in the gameplay clips just above, and I'd love to know the criteria that goes on behind the scenes for how Infinite Mario 64 puts together its random levels. As always, the goal remains the same: Get through the huge level and claim the star at the very end by any means necessary, hopefully without falling off the level in the process.

Even in the "early version," as the creator tweets above, this still looks impressive and fun. The creator also adds that they hope to "update it with new features in the future" but doesn't elaborate on these features. Don't get your hopes up for enemies, though, since they'd be really damn hard to program.

From the ResetEra forum page about Infinite Mario 64, we know there are seeds you can manually input to go to certain courses and levels. One player has revealed two seeds they just can't beat: 340664074 and 3590292398, while seeds 463822841 and 843946091 were graded as "FUN." It looks like there's loads of "FUN" to be had with 'Super Mario 64 but random roguelike.'

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