This fan-made PS5 Slim is just 2cm tall

(Image credit: Sony)

A talented DIYer has built their very own PS5 Slim that's just 2cm tall.

Sony's latest console is an undeniably powerful machine, but with great power comes a whopping great piece of hardware that you'll struggle to find room for next to your TV. There's no denying that there's a lot going on under the PS5's hood, but does the console need to be so large to run visual masterpieces like Horizon Forbidden West? Not according to YouTuber DIY Perks

If previous generations are anything to go by, Sony will be planning to release a slimmed-down version of the PS5 in the coming years. But DIY Perks has already beaten them to it by cramming the capability of the PS5 into a case just 2cm tall, that's only a teensy bit more than a DVD case. 

The YouTuber shows how they managed to do it in a video titled "Building the world's first PlayStation 5 Slim". As the footage shows, a huge portion of the console's size comes from its cooling system, which is removed and replaced with a water system that's fitted alongside an external power supply. So while it's not exactly every component of the console squeezed into a tiny space, it's still an impressive feat. 

The project is the result of months of work, and the YouTuber was understandably nervous when it came time to testing it out. Unfortunately, the console initially wouldn't turn on and then froze entirely, but after some additional tinkering, they were eventually able to get it working. You can see it flawlessly running Aloy's latest adventure around 27 minutes into the video. 

This slimmed-down PS5 would undoubtedly save you plenty of space, but unless you're extremely well versed in the inner workings of the console, you should probably wait until Sony develops an official slim option rather than creating your own homebrew version. 

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