This fan-made Chainsaw Man game goes seriously hard

Chainsaw Man
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A Chainsaw Man fan-made game has been recreated by one talented developer.

Earlier this month, game developer swammyxo took to TikTok to announce that if their account received over 100,000 subscribers, they'd make the game public. The video below, published last week, announces that the goal was absolutely "smashed," and as such, the Chainsaw Man game is now available for anyone to download for no cost.


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The comments under the new TikTok post are begging the creator to put the Chainsaw Man project on Steam, but as they succinctly explain: "That's not how copyright works homie." Plenty of fans want the game published to mobile devices, but it's incredibly doubtful that'll ever happen.

The Chainsaw Man project from swammyxo is a fast-paced hack-and-slash game set in the manga's universe, chiefly starring Denji and Power. As you might expect for a game taking after Tatsuki Fujimoto's zany manga, the whole thing looks absolutely nuts, and really impressive for something that was put together over just a few weekends.

Denji and Power are both seen activating their unique demonic abilities in the brief TikTok above, with Denji turning his lovely bladed self, and Power summoning blood-based hammers to play whack-a-mole with enemies. It's a seriously impressive creation, and so it's no wonder the comments section of the TikTok above are full of people begging the developer to bring this to other platforms.

With season one of Chainsaw Man having wrapped up last year, fans are still keeping their ears to the ground for all things Chainsaw Man Season 2. The anime's debut season seems to have gone down a hit with fans around the world, hence why this mini-game adaptation is so popular.

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