This "experimental" base-builder is like Minecraft from another universe, and the experiment is going well based on its 99% positive reviews

Outpath trailer biome
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This chilled base-builder feels like Minecraft from another universe, and it's already got near-perfect reviews.

Outpath is an "experimental" clicker base-building game where players craft, gather and manage resources, build their base, and buy islands to expand. Interestingly, this base-builder encourages players to play at their own pace and style as there are no time limits or additional pressure. 

Some of the game's other features include fishing, parkour movements, reactive music that changes depending on your actions, and more. If that wasn't appealing enough, it also has a touch of Mojang's Minecraft about it with its blocky, 3D visuals.

The cozy-feeling game was only released a couple of days ago, on October 16, but it's already managed to amass a 'very positive' review rating on Steam, with 99% of its 327 reviews being positive ones. 

A look at the reviews reveals that players see it as "Forager in 3D" - which probably isn't a coincidence considering it's one of the developer's influences along with simulation game Satisfactory and idle game-style gameplay. Other players have praised Outpath's relaxing vibes and simple but inviting gameplay.

Speaking of Outpath's developer, there really is just one person behind this game and it's 23-year-old David Moralejo. The game's designer has been sharing their reaction to Outpath's positive reviews on Twitter, thanking fans for leaving feedback on Steam: "I think it's the first time I saw something like this, 100% positive in 155 reviews in a game. Thank you!" - which feels very wholesome. 

If you now fancy giving Outpath a go, you can try out the game's demo via Steam as well as pick it up with a 10% discount between now and October 23. 

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