This copy of Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind literally stopped a bullet and saved its owner's life

Sometimes you're in a bad mood and your favorite game cheers you up. Sometimes some asshole fires a gun next door and your favorite game literally saves your life (or at least spares you from a nasty bullet wound). That was apparently the case for Imgur user velorok, who shared their story of love, loss, and the bullet stopping power of The Elder Scrolls Anthology with the internet.

Here's the hole in the wall.

Here's the exterior damage to the anthology.

And here's how the Morrowind section - velorok's "favorite game of all time" - nobly sacrificed itself to catch the bullet. The other games were fine, amazingly.

Don't worry, the story could still have a happy ending. Happier than continuing to live free of bullets, I mean. Bethesda head of PR Pete Hines has taken note and it sounds like Things Are Happening.

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Assuming velorok gets a new copy, I hope they hold on to the battle-damaged one to show their grandkids years from now. "You know, if it wasn't for The Nerevarine, none of us would be here today…"

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