There's an American Horror Story maze arriving at Universal Studios, making all of your fears very real

As we get closer to the season 6 premiere of American Horror Story, it's been announced that the show plans to bring its freakish terrors to life for a part of Universal's Halloween Horror nights. The FX series will be transformed into a specially-designed horror maze at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida, beginning September 16 and running through until the start of November. 

While details on the upcoming season remain firmly under wraps, bar that teaser promising a glut of potentially creepy plot threads, the new attraction will take a step back through the show's past seasons. In particular, the ghosts of season one's Murder House, the garish clowns of season four's Freak Show and... well, all that weirdness of season five's Hotel are being pooled together for a whole new level of interactive entertainment. 

It sounds utterly terrifying, to be honest, which is exactly what you'd want from an American Horror Story maze. Check out the event teaser, below:

American Horror Story season 6 premieres on FX on September 14, 2016 in the US with a UK premiere date yet to be announced.  

Images: FX  

Gem Seddon

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