The SFX Book Club - join us!

Forget Richard and Judy. Forget Oprah Winfrey - the only book club that counts is the The SFX Book Club!

The next book we’ll be tackling together is Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey, first published in 1968. It’s the first novel in her Chronicles of Pern series, set on a planet inhabitated by both humans and telepathic dragons, which is peridocially threatened by falls of space-born spores which devour any organic matter. The protagonist Lessa, the sole survivor of a noble family, rises to take charge of a community of dragons and their riders, and works to save the planet from that deadly rain...

We’ll be running a piece on the book in SFX155, on sale mid-March. But right now, we need you to read the book with us. Then let us know what you think by posting in this thread on our forum. A selection of the most perceptive and incisive remarks will see print in the mag!

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