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The Best SF Cliffhangers 13

Classic Doctor Who
“The Caves Of Androzani” Episode Three

So many to choose from… But this was an out and out fave. The fifth Doctor’s final cliffhanger before Davison became Baker Mark II show’s a Doctor more desperate, more urgent, more willing to risk everything than ever before. Rarely had an actor playing the Doctor ever had to perform with such gritty determination; Davison is acting here with the dial set to 11. In a bid to rescue companion Peri the Doctor takes control of a spaceship and sends it hurtling towards a moon, ignoring a disgruntled mercenary waving a gun at him.

“Move away from the controls!” growls the mercenary Stotz.

“Why?” yells the Doctor without looking up.

“Because I’ll kill you if you don’t!”

“Not a very convincing argument, because you see I’m going to die soon anyway… but I owe it to my friend… I owe it to my friend to find the antidote… I got her into this… so you see… I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU STOP ME NOW!”

And you don’t doubt him for a minute.

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