The 10 Worst SF & Fantasy Shows Of The Decade 3

6 episodes • 2009 • BBC2

Quickly – and predictably – rechristened Crud Mandoon (some writers really are asking for it), this attempt at lampooning the epic fantasy genre had a hit rate of about one good gag every seven episodes. Sadly, there were only ever six. Krod and his motley bunch of clichés (sexually voracious warrior minx, inept magician, a screaming gay man) meandered about for seven episodes of cheap innuendo, lazy lampoonery and – when all else failed – low grade slapstick. The kind of show that you know as soon as the characters are turned into dogs, there’s going to be a gag about licking their balls.

The nadir: Well, a louche, camp Cyclops might have seemed like a good idea when the writers came up with it, pissed down the pub.

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