The Yes Men review

Think Punk'd with politics. If Ashton Kutcher had a brain, he might've come up with The Yes Men, a jaw-droppingly savage satire in which two pranksters turn the tables on the Powers That Be.

Posing as spokesmen for the World Trade Organisation, comedy activists Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum deliver a lecture arguing for the return of slavery and claiming that the global economy will benefit if the Third World is turned into a vast slave-labour pool. To make their point, Bichlbaum dons a gold jumpsuit complete with a giant inflatable phallus containing a monitor to allow remote surveillance of workers, or "sheeple". Scarily, the audience of distinguished economists doesn't heckle but starts clapping enthusiastically...

Hilariously funny yet deadly serious, The Yes Men turns the anti-globalisation message into uproarious spectacle. It won't change the world - or even the WTO - but you've got to admire its balls.

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