The Wolf Among Us 2 story and setting details unveiled

The Wolf Among Us
(Image credit: Telltale Games)

New details on The Wolf Among Us 2 have been revealed through an exclusive preview.

The preview itself comes from Game Informer, who's putting on a big spread for Telltale's sequel in their latest issue, which is available to purchase right now. As you can see, details have been recapped through the tweet just below, where the Game Informer issue reveals that The Wolf Among Us 2 will take place six months after the original, and is set in Winter in New York.

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Additionally, the new issue reveals that the sequel is in full production over at Telltale Games, and the script has been finalized. Finally, Epic's Unreal Engine is reportedly being used to develop the sequel, a far cry from Telltale's own game engine which was used to develop the original Wolf Among Us, in addition to every other title released by the developer thus far.

Considering the original Wolf Among Us ended on something of a slight cliff hanger, it'll be interesting to see how Telltale picks up the pieces for a sequel set six months later. Right now, we don't have any indication as to which characters from the original will be returning for The Wolf Among Us 2, but it seems to be a fair bet that Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown, will make a return.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is finally coming into focus after years of uncertainty. These are actually the first concrete details we have surrounding the story of the sequel, which is no big surprise given that The Wolf Among Us 2 appeared to be cancelled when Telltale Games laid off all its staff back in September 2018. When Telltale's sequel does arrive though, it'll debut as one complete game, instead of being split out over episodes like its predecessor. 

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