The Witcher 3’s full cast will be returning for its Gwent spin off

Good news for fans of gravely voiced stoicism, CD Project Red has confirmed Gwent - The Witcher 3’s card playing diversion made full release - will feature all the same actors as the main game. 

The new fuller featured version of Gwent will have a full campaign, as well as the more obviously PvP options, and game director Benjamin Lee has confirmed that “it’s all the same people” reprising their roles. “Geralt is Geralt,” he says, saying that “we always use the same voice actors. Because, you know, it’s very jarring as a player if suddenly Geralt had a different voice, and we would never want to do that”.

The game promises hours of single player content for The Witcher 3’s characters, with much of it made up from ideas that never made it into previous games in the series. It sounds like it’s as much an interactive story as much as it card game, which is an attractive option for anyone not already won over by games like Hearthstone or Magic. 

You can read more about Gwent in next month's issue ofGamesMaster

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