The Witcher 3 development team snuck a picture of themselves into Blood & Wine

The Witcher 3 is a farewell to anti-hero and monster-slayer extraordinaire Geralt of Rivia. Its Blood & Wine DLC is a goodbye of its own, as the final piece of post-launch support for the game. But now, players have found the ultimate adieu: a photo of the development team at CD Projekt RED, hiding amongst the mountains of Toussaint.

Unfortunately, barring any fantastical glitches, console players won't be able to access the area shown in pippo311lp's video above. The only reason pippo found it in the first place was thanks to the freecamera mod which let them scout the area and teleport Geralt onto a random mountain. It even requires you to turn on Witcher vision just for added secrecy. Still, it's nice to know it's there.

It's poetic, really. The developers apparently waited until they had finished everything else Witcher-related (save for the upcoming Gwent spin-off), and inserted this picture of themselves in the beloved series' final piece of content. It's like putting a photo into a time capsule - only this retainer of memories also has vampires and minotaurs.

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Sam Prell

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