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The Week In Sci-Fi

Disney and Syfy revisit the classics, and SFX helps launch The Heroes - get your guide to all the coming week's good stuff right here...


Star Trek: Insurrection boldly goes on Film4 at 6:45pm as the channel’s Trek love-in continues.

Today’s DVD downpour included Shock Labyrinth 3D , Dead Space: Aftermath , Merlin Series 2 Volume 2 and 2010 Doctor Who special A Christmas Carol , complete with flying sharks.

Missed Being Human ’s return on Sunday night? Shame on you – thankfully, you can catch up with Mitchell, George and Annie’s Barry Island-based antics tonight on BBC3 at 10:30pm.


Tuesday can only mean No Ordinary Family returning to Watch at 9pm to spread joy and happiness throughout the land.


Fantastic fantasy fun in The Princess Bride (with extra added Andre the giant, as if you needed any more reasons to watch) on Fiver at 8pm.

If it bleeds, we can kill it. Well, Arnie can kill it, the rest of us might not fare so well against the Predator on Film4 at 11:15pm

Still not picked up our Doctor Who Special ? Then your soul is in danger – save yourself by getting to your local newsagents and grabbing a copy before it’s too late…


Fang-banger, Twi-hard or more of a Jack the Vlad? Wherever your blood-sucking loyalties lie, you’ll find something to get your teeth into in our brand new SFX Vampires Special, out today!

A twisted, modernised re-telling of Lewis Carroll's classic Wonderland stories, two part mini-series Alice beings on Syfy today at 8pm.

Two of the UK’s finest authors have brand new titles available for your literary titillation today in the form of Jon Courtenay Grimwood’s The Fallen Blade and Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes .

If ever there was a film that didn't need to be remade, it was The Wicker Man. But they did it anyway, damn their eyes. See the startling, Nic Cage-oriented results on Channel 5 at 10pm .


Disney's update on Rapunzel, Tangled , can be found entertaining ankle-biters across the land as it hits cinemas today.

Meanwhile in sunny Bath, SFX head honcho Dave Bradley will be helping Joe Abercrombie launch The Heroes at Topping & Company. For more information, including details of how to get your questions put to the author, look here .

True Blood continues combining sex and death to devastating effect on FX at 10pm.


If you're feeling a disturbance in the Force, it's probably because The Clone Wars will be crashing on to Sky Movies Premiere at 10am and again at 5:30pm today.

Primeval brings its bizarre arsenal to bear on dopey dinos on ITV1 at 7pm.


It’s back, it’s bitey and it’s in Barry. Being Human series three continues on BBC3 at 9pm.

It’s the British Army versus a pack of hungry werewolves in Dog Soldiers – find out who wins on Film4 at 11:20pm.