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The Week In Sci-Fi

The week of science fiction and fantasy. Apparently Doctor Who 's back...


  • Less than a week to go until the start of Doctor Who . Celebrate with our Doctor Who week on the SFX website.
  • FlashForward returns to Five at 9pm.
  • Today's haul of new DVDs includes The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus , Clive Barker's Dread , the Catweazle 40th Anniversary Edition, Doctor Who: Myths And Legends and 2012 .


  • Caprica and Fringe are on Sky1 (9pm and 10pm, respectively), while The Vampire Diaries is on ITV2 (9pm).
  • Tune into Radio 4 for The Gorbals Vampire , a documentary about a Glasgow "monster" that led to new censorship laws in the UK, "ban this sick filth!"-style.


  • Time's nearly up for Lost . Start waving goodbye with SFX 's new Lost Special .
  • You may have caught the previews earlier in the week, but today's the day Kick-Ass makes its proper cinema debut. It's joined by How To Train Your Dragon in 3D, no less.
  • The Winchesters do their thing (they're quite good at it by now) in Supernatural on Living at 9pm.
  • There's a bunch of Big Finish Doctor Who adventures out today.


  • It's April Fool's Day , so keep your wits about you.
  • Seek out Legend Of The Seeker on SCI FI at 8pm.
  • James Miller's Sunshine State comes to bookshops.
  • Learn How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse in Bath.


  • SEASON PREMIERE! Gene Hunt returns for the last time in the final series of Ashes To Ashes , on BBC One at 9pm.
  • Odyssey 2010 , this year's Eastercon, gets underway at Heathrow.
  • Jon Culshaw takes a look at Douglas Adams time as Doctor Who script editor in The Doctor And Douglas on Radio 4.
  • Star Wars : In Concert lands in Birmingham.


  • SEASON PREMIERE! It's the one you've been waiting for. Matt Smith makes his debut in Doctor Who at 6.20pm on BBC One. And don't forget Doctor Who Confidential on BBC Three at 7.25pm.
  • Toby Stephens plays 007 in Goldfinger on Radio 4 at 2.30pm.
  • SEASON PREMIERE! K9 starts his solo adventures on Disney XD at 4pm.
  • There's also time for a little Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Sky Movies Premiere at 5.30pm, and Heroes on BBC Two at 9.55pm.
  • London's O2 Arena's the venue for tonight's slice of Star Wars : In Concert . Make sure you set the DTR for Who .


  • Celebrate Easter with a bit of Star Wars: In Concert at the O2 (formerly known as The Millennium Dome).
  • Catch Heroes on BBC Three at 11.05pm. K9 continues on Disney XD at 4pm.

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