The visual evolution of game logos

How's it changed? Quite considerably - amazing for such an iconic logo. And some have been abominations: SF Alpha II is the design equivalent of emptying some waste paperbins filled with bits ofold magazinesonto the floor, and Street Fighter III Double Impact might as well be the logo for a dodgy Hong Kong-based laserdisc company circa 1993.

Is it better today than before? Not as good as Street Fighter II but better than Street Fighter.

General theme? Theatrical sports, everything shouted VERY LOUD!, unnecessary self-importance

How's it changed? All of these logos could have been taken from porn movie DVD box art and we wouldn't have noticed. It's a confusion of high-end porno and double-entendre. Just like the sport in fact, which is arena-based sex gymnastics with lycra and no penetration.

Take a look at any of your favourite porno series box art over the last 10 years and the SmackDown logo mirrors their design progression almost identically. Almost.

Is it better today than before? Not better, just different.

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