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The Video Zone

We're back with another go-around of ways to waste time that would be better spent balancing your checkbook or exercising. But none of those things are gonna make you happy at this very moment, are they? What you really want to do is check out these fun-filled videos for the common gamer. Trust us.

PaRappa cosplay by JunoCecilia

This footage from a Portuguese anime convention shows a man dressed as a paper PaRappa dancing about to Chop Chop Master Onion's kung-fu rap. It's been giving us nightmares.


"I love PSP/it's the only handheld for me/mature games are on the PSP/PSP has GTA /I love the PSP." And so it goes on for three minutes. Genuine fan or inept Sony viral marketing?

PS3 launch chaos by Digitalworldtokyo

This video shows the chaos that erupted in Tokyo last year when PS3 was launched. In the middle of the video you see people being crushed in an enormous queue. Madness.

MGS2 theme on piano by NightShader1

Wow. This guy's pretty good at playing piano. Here's his rendition of film composer Harry Gregson-Williams' epic theme tune for Metal Gear Solid 2. Awesome fingering.

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