The Truth Game review

The second in a proposed trilogy of cheap London-based films, The Truth Game expands upon writer/director Simon Rumley's ambitious-if-unsatisfying debut Strong Language. With its simple premise - three `work hard, play hard', attitude-fuelled twentysomething couples meet for a dinner party - this sprightly ensemble piece explores the notion of truth in relationships and contemporary society as the characters unleash revelations about themselves and each other.

The pithy comedy-drama that follows veers unpredictably from high humour to despair amid the accusations, lies, jokes and dissections of popular culture. It's may be very rough round the edges, but Rumley coaxes corking, in-yer-face performances from his little-known Brit cast, making The Truth Game an energetic, provocative and caustic sample of Big Smoke realism. Entertaining and eminently watchable.

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