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The Top 7... WTF?! Endings, Part 2

3 Dec, 2007

You’ve put the hours in. You’ve sweated, cursed, grumbled and jumped through myriad hoops, in return for what was (hopefully) a rollercoaster of top-flight entertainment. You’ve finished the game. It’s now time to step away from the controller and bask in your badassness as the camera rolls on some swish cut-scene finery that documents just how awesomely and valiantly you saved the world.

Well, that’s the theory. Sometimes, things don’t end well. Sometimes they don’t end at all. Sometimes you get thrown a curveball. And sometimes, videogame endings leave you looking as puzzled as a pirate in a post office.

We’ve already compiled a Top 7 WTF?! Endings, but there’s obviously still a rich seam of weirdness out there to be plundered. And so, we present another seven-strong selection of endings that are either daft, doolally or happily mistake ‘confusion’ for ‘conclusion’.