The teaser for Sega's new RPG is being downvoted on YouTube because it's a mobile game

The anime-style teaser gives very little away
(Image credit: Sega)

RPG fans are not happy about Sega's brand new – and currently unannounced – mobile game and are expressing their displeasure by downvoting its teaser trailer on YouTube.

Although we know that it's a joint project with Persona developer Atlus, beyond that all we've seen is a brief Japanese-language trailer and a sparse Japanese-language website that boasts very little additional information. 

And while all should be revealed early next month at Tokyo Game Show, that hasn't stopped fans unhappy at the decision to release the mysterious title on mobile devices from disliking the video. A lot.

The accompanying comments – which have been left in both Japanese and English – aren't all negative, of course, but many have noted their dismay about a lack of PC or console versions. At the time of writing, four times as many fans have disliked the video than liked it.

As Hirun explained at the time the tease was released, we've currently no idea as to what this RPG could be, nor if it's a new installment of an existing series or a brand new IP altogether. Yes, we know Persona 6 is in development, but given the announcement will be made by Sega at Tokyo Game Show and not Atlus itself, Hirun's not convinced and wonders if it might be a new entry in the ongoing Sakura Wars series. The timing's certainly right – the Sakura Wars franchise just celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this year in 2021 – but it's probably best that we stop speculating and await further confirmation on October 1, 2021. Expect more news at 10 pm Tokyo time, which is  6 am PT / 9 am ET / 2 pm BST.

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