The Switch review

Best mate turned inseminator...

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Formerly known as The Baster, this was originally set to go up against that other sperm-donor comedy, The Back-Up Plan.

It’s the stronger of the two, a giggle that plays like the love-child of About A Boy and When Harry Met Sally, although not as sharp as either.

Jennifer Aniston is a 40-year-old singleton who decides not to wait for Mr Right to have a baby. Her best mate (Jason Bateman) thinks she’s nuts but in traditional knockabout fashion somehow winds up The Inseminator.

While Aniston gets stuck playing an undercooked neurotic cipher, Bateman knocks it out of the park with his physical clowning and easy-breezy bonding scenes with newcomer Thomas Robinson – an amusingly grave little nipper with saucer eyes and all the best lines.

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