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The stupider side of Gears 3

Today was a great day for Gears of War fans,asthe first trailer finally debuted. Even better iswhat's teased in the video:Marcus and Locust temporarily teaming up, Dom sporting an epic beard and an "eff it all" attitude, Anya (a woman!) fighting alongside Cole and Baird, and a horrifcsetting full of tentacled monsters and frozen corpses.

Grittyatmosphere. Dark and depressed themes. Exhausted characters pushed to the limits of their courage. This is what we expect from Gears of War. Unfortunately, we also got this:


My God, must they spoil everything? Yes, the Xbox Live Avatars have struck again, instantly reducing asubtle and carefully constructedmood of doom and gloom to nothing but a silly cartoon expression and easy opportunity for DLC cash. These things are quickly becoming the Microsoft equivalent of McDonald's Happy Meal toys.

Am I overreacting? Do you mind ridiculous, rubbery Xbox Avatars being made for every game, even the bloody and mature ones? Will you buy Gears 3 clothing for your (mandatory) doll? Discuss in the comments below!

Apr 13, 2010

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