The Street Fighter movie you always dreamed of exists (sort of)

And now finally, thank the Lord finally, someone else who gets that has had a go. His name is Joey Ansah and he’s my new best friend.

A British, martial artist, actor and stuntman, he’s also a massive Street Fighter fan, with a heavy dose of purism in regards to the characters and storyline. As a man who choked back very real man-tears when he first watchedthis early animated SFIV trailer (opens in new tab)while drunk, I appreciate that, and so I’m very, very happy to tell you that his Street Fighter short film will be on the ‘net on Thursday.

Officially sanctioned by Capcom, itlooks frankly stunning in the all-too-teasing teasers so far released. Stylised but gritty, and managing to keep the characters completely believable without toning them down at all (the absolute key to getting Street Fighter right on camera, and it’s amazing that it’s taken so long for someone to get it right), it looks superb, and the few flashes of combat we’ve seen so far imply that that side of things is absolutely going to follow suit.

Thursday, people. Thursday. We’ll bring you more info as soon as we have it. In the meantime, check outJoey's site (opens in new tab)and the film'sFacebook (opens in new tab)page, and let me know how excited you are via the comments and our very ownFacebook (opens in new tab)andTwitter (opens in new tab)spots.

David Houghton
Long-time GR+ writer Dave has been gaming with immense dedication ever since he failed dismally at some '80s arcade racer on a childhood day at the seaside (due to being too small to reach the controls without help). These days he's an enigmatic blend of beard-stroking narrative discussion and hard-hitting Psycho Crushers.