The Simpsons former showrunner's favorite deleted scene involves Moleman and a briefcase of embezzled money

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Josh Weinstein, one of The Simpsons' former showrunners, has revealed his favorite deleted scene – and it involves a great Moleman moment. 

The scene is from the episode 'Brother From Another Series,' part of season 8, which sees Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer) leave prison on a work release program. He goes to live with his brother Cecil, an engineer, voiced by David Hyde Pierce (who also played the brother of Grammer's character on Frasier), who employs Bob to supervise the building of a new dam in Springfield. 

Bart, still believing Bob wants to kill him, is keeping close tabs on him, and he and Lisa find a briefcase full of money while searching his trailer at the construction site. It transpires that the money is being embezzled by Cecil, who plans to frame Bob, and Bart and Cecil have a showdown at the site – and this is where the deleted scene comes in. 

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Cecil attempts to swat Bart away with the briefcase, which, in the final version of the episode, causes the briefcase to fall open, sending the money spilling into the river below them. In the deleted scene, however, it's not the river that waits below but Hans Moleman. Pruning a hedge outside his house, the money and a gun fall at his feet. He lifts the gun to the sky and says, "Thank you, God. Now hand over the rest, nice and easy," as a few more notes scatter to the ground. 

"It's not unusual to cut scenes you like for time but this may be my #1 I-wish-we hadn't-cut-this scene," Weinstein wrote on Twitter, quote tweeting a clip of the scene posted by the account @dailysimpsons. Weinstein worked on The Simpsons from season 3 and took over as showrunner with Bill Oakley for seasons 7 and 8. 

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