The Rugrats Movie review

Thought that The Rugrats was just a 20-minute filler for Saturday mornings while you recovered from the night before? Think again. It's now an all-action motion picture, taking its under-two heroes and heroines on a feature-length (well, 80-minute) adventure of a lifetime.

What's more, it's a blockbuster, keeping `proper films' off the top spot in the States and raking in more than $50 million so far.

The unique style of animation transfers well to the big screen, but despite in-jokes for the adults - such as an Indiana Jones rip-off opening - this is a kiddie crowd-pleaser that will obviously pack them in until at least Easter. Gags about poop, vomit and piddle are the mainstay: children at the screening greeted these with howls of delight, but adults might find it wears a bit thin after a while.

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