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The outfit

You’re in the Army now, you hear? It’s time to blow stuff up and YOU WILL ENJOY IT!’ Go anywhere near the offices of Canadian-based coders Relic, and that’s all you’re likely to hear, as they put the finishing touches on their impressive WW2 shooter, The Outfit.

This is a war game, yes, but an accurate representation of WW2 this most certainly isn’t. This is the Jerry Bruckheimer version, the nitro-fed turbo edition, the most intensely exciting strategic frag-fest you’ll ever see. Honest.

Choosing from three playable heroes- each with their own specialist area (Hand-to-hand combat, Heavy arms and Anti-tank), you lead a squad of soldiers on a variety of missions ranging from reconnaissance and rescue to search and destroy, wreaking havoc along the way.Everything in The Outfit can be destroyed. Everything- from houses, cars, trains to fences, bunkers, trees and bridges. Then there’s a ton of enemies all at your mercy, and Relic have done their best to make sure the action never lets up.

‘Destruction on Demand’ is what they call it, and it really is just that. At any point during the game you’re able to purchase ‘reinforcements’.

These could be anything from extra troops, to gun emplacements or tanks- and in true ‘Hollywood’ style the items are flown in, direct to your location and dropped from the sky... instantly.

Imagine the thrill of fighting on an ever changing battlefield, or the panic as you corner enemy troops just as they order a tank to land right in front of you, and you’re half way to imagining the thrill of The Outfit. This is a game that assaults you from all angles right from the word go- and just doesn’t know when to quit.