The only people happy with Twitter's makeover are Kingdom Hearts fans

Kingdom Hearts 2 Mickey in Organization 13 cloak
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Kingdom Hearts fans are the only people reacting positively to Elon Musk's recent Twitter changes which rebrands the social media platform as 'X'. 

Earlier this week, Twitter announced that it will now be known as 'X' and is ditching the iconic blue bird imagery associated with it. This has been a bewildering change for many, but Kingdom Hearts fans have fully embraced the change and are theorizing that Musk is secretly a huge fan of the Square Enix RPG series. 

As pointed out by Twitt - I mean X user @ArcanaLegacy, several members of the Kingdom Hearts community have started changing their profile pictures to a member of the morally ambiguous group Organisation 13 from the series. They've also begun incorporating the letter X into their usernames due to all of the members of the fictional group also featuring an X in their names, eg: Roxas, Axel, Marluxia, Larxene, and so on.

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Several Kingdom Hearts fans have also come to the conclusion that Elon Musk is following a similar approach to the series' big baddie Xehanort. As this Reddit post points out, there are some interesting parallels between the timing of Twitter's changes and key numbers in the Kingdom Hearts lore. 

For instance, Twitter was known as Twitter with the blue branding for 13 years (there are thirteen Seekers of Darkness in the game), these changes also came into effect in July - the seventh month of the year (there are also seven Guardians of Light). Perhaps this is just one big marketing campaign for Square Enix? Or maybe Musk is looking for a new vessel?

Either way, Kingdom Hearts fans are having a lot of fun with the new Twitter, as you can see from the collection of memes below. We need all the distractions we can get at the moment anyway, seeing as we haven't had any updates on Kingdom Hearts 4 in quite some time now. The sequel was first announced back in April 2022 and since then we've had tidbits of information - like how the game is in "early development" and that it'll feel "slightly different" - but we haven't had any more trailers or even an inkling of a release date yet.

Another twitter X meme. from r/KingdomHearts
Kingdom Hearts Twitter Community as of this morning. from r/KingdomHearts

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