The moderators of the Forspoken subreddit have restricted posts due to conflict among fans

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Members of the Forspoken subreddit have had their posts restricted due to some users ruining the game for others ahead of its release. 

As explained in r/Forspoken (opens in new tab), the moderators of the subreddit have had to restrict the posts ahead of the game's release due to things getting tense between fans excited for the Square Enix action RPG and those concerned about it. 

What this means is that while the subreddit is locked down, posts will need to be manually approved by the moderators which, in theory, will filter out some of the needlessly negative or spoiler-heavy posts which were present in the online community beforehand. 

congratulations_rforspoken_is_in_restricted_mode from r/Forspoken

The reason behind this drastic measure is apparently due to several users publishing similar posts voicing their concerns and criticisms of the game before it had been released. 

It's also due to some more malicious posts in the subreddit, including ones that spoil the game for others by sharing the Forspoken leaks that had been released earlier this week. There's reportedly even some individuals who are sending DMs to members of the subreddit which contain details about the game's final boss, just to ruin the game for them.

In the replies to the post announcing the new status of the subreddit, several users praised the decision to restrict posts while others questioned whether it would result in censoring genuine criticisms of the game. It seems all the moderators want right now is for the Forspoken subreddit to be a more pleasant place for fans to communicate with each other. 

Unfortunately, Square Enix hasn't had the best time whilst promoting Forspoken as it's received a mixed response from future players and critics alike. One of the main complaints has stemmed from Forspoken's dialogue which has been described as "Joss Wedon-y" - and no, that's not a compliment. 

The Forspoken demo, which was released in December 2022, also got conflicting feedback from fans with some calling it the best demo they've ever played, and others saying it convinced them not to play the game at all. 

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