The Metal Gear 35th anniversary site is fake, according to Konami

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The Metal Gear 35th anniversary site is fake.

It's April Fool's Day, and today of all days, you have to take things with a pinch of salt. Which is why it doesn't really come as a huge surprise that a website seemingly gearing up to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the legendary stealth series has turned out to be fake.

The site launched earlier today with an image showing the series' iconic exclamation mark with '35th' written beneath it, sparking rumours of a Metal Gear-related announcement. While it certainly appeared legit, with official links, copyright trademarks and Konami's branding throughout, the timing was too suspect for some fans to believe it to be genuine. 

Now Konami has confirmed that the Metal Gear 35th anniversary website isn't of their making. "This site is not Konami's site," a spokesperson for the company told TechRadar.

"We are currently considering how to deal with this site," they added.

Since its unveiling, the contents of the site have been changed. Visit it now, and you'll be greeted with information on a Metal Gear 35th Anniversary NFT auction.

The 35th anniversary of Metal Gear's launch on the MSX2 falls in July. If Konami does have any plans to commemorate the momentous occasion, it's keeping tight-lipped about them for now. When asked by TechRadar about the event, the spokesperson replied, "There is nothing we can say right now."

This isn't the only website trouble Konami's had recently. Someone bought the Silent Hill website after the company let the domain expire.

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