The men behind Final Fantasy XII

Why use the world of Ivalice, from Final Fantasy Tactics, for Final Fantasy XII? Was it popular demand, or something that was an internal decision?

It's something that our team decided on. Ivalice was originally a huge world but Final Fantasy XII is based in a different Ivalice from the one portrayed in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Did creating the game with the free-control camera have any impact on the types of art assets you needed to create?

There weren't that many big changes but since the players can move the camera around anytime in the cities and in the fields so we paid close attention to decors and details. There may be some times that people may be in for a pleasant surprise where people won't expect it.

Ivalice has many types of character races, but all of the playable characters, except for Fran, are hume. Though FFXII is more racially diverse than other FF games, how come so few of the other races show up as playable characters?

The world of Ivalice is a diverse one with its unique set of races and beastmen, but the playable characters in this world have predominantly been humes. We wanted to stick to that formula to lend an air of familiarity to people who have played our previous games.