The Lost Lover review

"I hate this never-ending war that is fought everywhere and nowhere." You won't find excruciating dialogue like this in a news report of the Middle East troubles. You will find it (and worse) in The Lost Lover.

A blind Martian might have made a better job of directing than Roberto Faenza. His handling of the characters and plot is abysmally bad - there's no credible link between them - as married Jewish woman Asya (Juliet Aubrey) becomes infatuated with fey irritant Gabriel (Stuart Bunce).

Because it's a co-production made by TV companies, clumsy voice-over narrative provides dubbing opportunities but arbitrarily shifts the story's focus. Only Ciaran Hinds, as Asya's husband, offers any glimmer of charisma in this masterpiece of ineptitude.

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