The Least Faithful Movie Games

Spider-Maguire struggles with managing his superhero personal lives (Mary Jane, school, jobs). The presence of eight-limbed villain Dr. Octopus doesn’t help matters much either, or his continual battle with Harry Osborn. Widely regarded as one of the best superhero films ever made (you totally thought so), despite the terrible threequel.

Game (Multi)
This is a little bit different than the previous superhero movies mentioned, only because Spider-Man 2 was already pretty action-packed. In this way, the added villains feel like they’re rounding out the game rather than making up for the lack thereof. Black Cat, Rhino, Shocker and Mysterio all make appearances, with the latter being one of the best boss battles we’ve ever faced. A one punch knockout in a convenience store? Hell, we’d love to see that on film. Although, we don’t remember any damn balloon-saving. God, that was terrible.

Taken from the manga of the same name, the feature film blends traditional anime with CG. Make sure to stay awake through the entire film as it can get fairly convoluted. From what we gleaned: cops are hunting a sentient robotic lifeform - nicknamed the Puppet Master - who’s controlling other cyborg bodies. Kind of like a future ventriloquist.

Game (PS1)
Drawing from the main Ghost universe (read: manga) more so than the film, the game consists of you blasting the crap out of robots with a spider-like tank. Shell was critically well-received, yet confused American audiences who were looking for something similar to the film as it was their main exposure to the license. Not that big a deal, but worth nothing nonetheless.

Two dudes - Wayne and Garth - are extorted by a sleazy producer when they take their public access show to primetime. Bet you forgot about that, huh? You were just thinking about Bohemian Rhapsody and “schwinging” weren’t you? Weren’t you?!

Game (SNES)
Drawing more from PCP than the actual film, Wayne battles mutated instruments by plucking his guitar for music note projectiles. The rest is just a lame platformer characterized by the phrase “Not”, a sound bite used whenever Wayne is injured or “Excellent” whenever he gets health. Oh, and THQ was kind enough to plaster an actual photo of Mike Myers' face on the Wayne character so that whenever you stop controlling him, he glances at you with a shit-eating grin.