The Least Faithful Movie Games

Friendly alien visits Earth for some reason, gets stranded. Human family takes him in, boy creates telepathic bond with alien, escapes grown-ups. Phones home. Goes home. Child innocence prevails!

Game (Atari 2600)
Made in six weeks - ET gets stuck in holes, can’t make it out of holes. Game sells 1.5 million of 4 million copies made. The rest are buried in a New Mexico landfill. Has since been declared the worst game of all time by EGM, FHM and PC World.

New York cop John McClane is a one-man army when terrorist bank robbers take over his wife’s office building during a Christmas party. He swears a lot, shoots bad guys and hangs out with the dad from Family Matters before ultimately saving his wife by shooting Alan Rickman out a window.

Game (Dreamcast)
DHA was originally Dynamite Cop in Japan with a similar looking protagonist (white male) and similar location (giant building). However, you need to rescue the President’s daughter and beat up street thugs wearing cutoff shorts and bandanas.

These two critically divided and ultimately boring movies were riddled with depression themes and surrounded by a crapton of hype. Superman returns to Metropolis after five years, refuses to take responsibility for his illegitimate son and stops Lex Luthor from creating a new continent. On the flipside, Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk involuntarily and realizes his upbringing was terrible (daddy kinda killed mommy), making him super pissed. Then his father turns into pure energy and they fight… we think. Can’t really tell what happened there.

Games (Multi)
How do you make two soulless films into entertaining action games? With enemies from the comics, of course! Metallo, Mongul and Bizarro round out Returns while Grey Hulk, Ravage, Madman and the Leader round out Hulk’s cast. We actually feel kinda bad for the developers because they obviously had a great license and very little to work with in terms of action.