The Last of Us gets PS4 Pro and HDR support. Here's how much prettier it looks already

Time to add The Last of Us to the list of existing games that support PS4 Pro. While we obviously can't see the PS4 Pro enhancements yet, the HDR support is already adding a visual upgrade to the game. 

Here are the patch notes (via NeoGAF).

People have been quick to show how the added HDR (High dynamic range) has improved the game's looks with the greater contrast and range of colour easy to see. Obviously you'll need an HDR TV to see it in its full glory but even these images show a difference. 

Here's a non-HDR screen via bananfactory

And with HDR switched on: 

Here's a GIF showing the difference more clearly (which may not work in Firefox apparently). The changes are most visible in the clouds and grass.

The difference are subtle but definitely there. We'll have to wait until the PS4 Pro's November 11 release however to really see what the big upgrades will be. 

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