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The Infidel review

David Baddiel's riff on religion is far too conservative to be controversial

Currently milking his Middle Eastern everyman for all its worth in TV adverts, Omid Djalili adds ‘Pakistani father’ to his repertoire as Mahmud Nasir, a Muslim who uncovers his Jewish heritage.

The David Baddiel-penned script sneaks in a few pointed swipes (“Next time I need a dose of middle-aged Muslim misogyny I’ll call Hanif Kureishi”), but otherwise this is your standard identity-swap comedy with slightly more sophisticated direction than it deserves, thanks to 'Song Of Songs’ Josh Appignanesi.

There are titter-worthy moments, but it’s too strenuously measured to really bring the house down.

For provocative satire, we’ll await Chris Morris’ Four Lions.

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