The Halloween team get Hurt

For every film that has a studio release, there are usually a number of smaller production companies bubbling away beneath the surface, usually throwing up their credits as the main title sequence begins.

And three such companies – Trancas International Films, Left Hook Entertainment and Yellowsand Pictures were part of the team who (for better or worse, but certainly for decent box office) brought us Rob Zombie’s reworking of Halloween.

Now the producing trifecta has jumped on an original horror title, nabbing the rights to Anthony Grieco and Jeff Drongowski’s script Hurt.

Conveniently, the companies sealed the deal this past Halloween, which means it was sold just before the writers’ strike geared up.

Adam Finberg will make his directorial debut with the movie, which finds a group of estranged best mates who meet up after one of their number commits suicide. But (dun… dun… duuuur) it’s actually a set-up and quickly descends into a bloodbath as another of the friends is looking to revenge the killing.