The Gwent stress test and beta: How to start playing

Gwent, the card game mini-game introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is getting its own standalone release, and your chance to try it is fast approaching thanks to recently-announced stress tests and a closed beta. So let's get into it and address the questions gnawing at the back of your mind like an ulfhedinn:

What is it?

CD Projekt RED has announced three preview events before the game's full release: two "Kill the Servers" stress tests, and a closed beta. The stress tests are more designed to test the studio's server limits than any game mechanics, so expect only the basics going in. The beta will be more robust, with features being added to it over time.

Think of things like the recent Battlefield 1 beta, which are timed previews, versus games like League of Legends, which stay in beta until the developer deems otherwise. Gwent is doing a little bit of both, with the beta designed more like the latter.

When is it?

The stress tests are scheduled for September 23 and 27. The closed beta begins October 25.

What systems is it for?

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will eventually be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. However, the stress test events are limited to PC, and the beta will be for Xbox One and PC. Gwent will come to PS4 and anyone not part of the closed beta once CD Projekt RED deems it ready.

How do I get in?

CD Projekt RED will be distributing codes for the stress test via its Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow them for a chance to snag one. The beta will be invite only, and participating in the stress test does not guarantee a spot. To be considered for beta participation, you need to register.

Is it Witchery?

It's not the Witcherest, but I'd say it's Witcherer than you might think. Try it for yourself and find out!

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