The grandfather of modern MMOs wants a sequel to his original masterpiece

Ultima Online
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Richard Garriott, AKA Lord British, creator of arguably the most influential MMORPG ever, is yet again pitching Ultima Online 2.

Garriott has, over the years, floated ideas for a sequel to his seminal MMO both internally at EA and via public forums like Twitter. Recently, he shared some new ideas about how he would modernize the original game's online multiplayer element to satisfy fans of the old-school full-loot PvP system and ease in newcomers with some modern refinements.

In a reply to a fan on Twitter, Garriott pondered, "a new UO updated, but original-ish PvP rules," suggesting the veteran game developer is keen on retaining the legacy MMO's brutal PvP, which was basically open season for players to kill each other and take all of their loot so long as they weren't inside a town's limits. Garriott also joked that "all we need now is to buy EA" in order to make this UO sequel or remake happen.

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I am absolutely eating this up. Growing up playing Ultima Online and the first Diablo, I've developed a deep-seated affinity for open-world games with unfettered PvP - it's the main reason I play Sea of Thieves! That doesn't make it any more likely this glorious idea for a new UO will ever materialize, but it's lovely to hear the man behind the legend is on the same page as me.

Replying to another fan who isn't a fan of the way UO allows player killers to run riot, Garriott explained that "I think we could do a far better job, of protecting the innocent, but encouraging folks to embrace the danger of straying from the path of safety."

MMOs, and online games more broadly, have largely steered clear of implementing the sort of unrestricted PvP that was more popular during UO's day, and for the most part I'd say it's for the best. Being forced to leave your game progress and loot at the mercy of a highly chaotic player base isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it'd be nice to at least have that option in a new game. 

Diablo 4, for example, has PvP, but it's limited to a small area of the map and the only thing you lose when you're killed is the special currency you gained in that area. In UO, when you're bested in a fight, whether you agreed to it or not, you lose everything that was on your person, including all equipped gear. There's a bank you can stash your valuables, but if you plan on using them to clear dungeons you have to risk losing them. It's punishing, but it makes venturing outside of towns and encountering other players uniquely intense.

Anyway, before I become the personification of that 'old man yells at cloud' meme, I'll sign off on this one with a personal plea to Garriott: Make it happen for the OGs.

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