The Good Old Naughty Days review

Thank director Michael Reilhac for this compilation of restored French blue movies, which were originally shown in brothels both to entertain prospective clients and to give inexperienced young men some rudimentary sexual education.

Photographed by technicians from more distinguished productions and with unnamed prostitutes often doubling up as actors, these breezy shorts are surprisingly explicit. Male and female performers throw themselves into the various scenarios and shenanigans with palpable enthusiasm, with some cheeky grins at the camera and innuendo-laden intertitles adding to the sense of fun.

A wide variety of tastes are catered for here, as the two- and threesomes encompass gay, straight and lesbian pleasures. Even a dog gets to join in the fray. Look out also for the American-produced cartoon Buried Treasure, whose character Eveready Harton puts his unfeasibly large penis to versatile use...

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