The Game-shunary

Table of Contents

OOC- Out of character, what hardcore dwarf warriors say before letting everyone know they have to take a piss and grab some more bawls and Doritos.
o rly- rly!
owned- The father of the word “pwned,” which likelycame about as a result of the proximity of the letters 'p' and 'o' on keyboards.

- Picture element, your Atari games contain several of these.
pixel art- A hobby for artistically inclined nerds.A replacement for macaroni and glue.
polygon- Multiple gons.
polygon vomit (see image below)

preview code - A pre-release version of a game given to editors to preview. It’ll totally get better before it goes to retail.
PS3 - A Blu-ray player with a weird-looking remote control.

replay value
- Obsolete thanks to DLC.
review code- Totally, waaaaaaaaay different from the preview code, and this time we can give it a score.
rocket jump - Using an RPG as a pogo stick.

ROFLcopter (see image, right)
roster update - A technique which allows developers to program all of next year's sports games simply by editing spreadsheets.
RTFA- Read the fu**ing article. Popularized by Digg, RTFA is used when it is a clear that a commenter is making statements based only on the headline of a story.
RTFM- Read the fu**ing maual.