The game ads they had to ban

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) told EA to remove posters of Burnout Dominator from the London Underground after 37 people complained about them. It doesn't matter that people who have played the game will know that it's harmless fun, nor that (as EA pointed out) there weren't any people depicted in the advertisement. The ASA found it to "condone a violent lifestyle."

Above: This image was pulled from billboards in the London Tube after 37 complaints

Unlike TV, internet or even magazine advertising, billboards are viewable by everyone. So their content has to be that much more suitable for everyone. Gamers will look at the image below and likely imagine the game in motion - the thrill of a takedown. But put yourself in the ASA's shoes. It's suddenly more serious. Isn't it?

Hmm... next example.

Justin Towell

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