The galaxy faces a robot rebellion in our exclusive preview of Star Wars: Dark Droids #2

Art from Star Wars: Dark Droids #2.
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Droids are many things in Star Wars: useful, annoying, cute, and frequently in danger. But they're very rarely scary. Star Wars: Dark Droids aims to change all that. In the new series, Luke Skywalker and chums find themselves pitted against a deadly new threat with the power to control droids - and it's coming for both the Empire and the Rebellion.

Dark Droids is part of a wider crossover event that takes in this core comic, written by Charles Soule and drawn by Luke Ross, and the Dark Droids: D-Squad limited series. It also ties into Marvel's ongoing Star Wars, Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra and Bounty Hunters series.

We've got an exclusive preview of several unlettered pages from Star Wars: Dark Droids #2 in the gallery below, which give a hint at some of the gruesome goings on in the galaxy far, far away...

The first issue of Dark Droids revealed that this machine rampage was started when Lady Qi'ra (that's Emilia Clarke's character from Solo: A Star Wars Story) activated an ancient device intended to disrupt the Sith's connection to the Force. Instead, it released a malevolent entity that is now taking over the many droids in the galaxy.

In the first issue, which published this week, we saw it begin to corrupt several Imperial droids who turned violently on the humans around them. Now it looks like C-3PO might have been infected too...

You can see the issue's main cover by Leinil Francis Yu as well as variants (from left to right) by Rachael Stott and John Tyler Christopher below.

Marvel's official synopsis for the new issue reads, in oddly bullet-pointed form:

• The horror continues as THE SCOURGE begins to execute its grand plan, orchestrating its droid minions across the galaxy.

• It learns more with every passing moment, grows stronger…and is selecting the next targets on its path to total dominion over all mechanical intelligence!

• Standing in its way, only the warrior-priest droid AJAX SIGMA and the sentient droids of the SECOND REVELATION.

Star Wars: Dark Droids #2 is published by Marvel Comics on September 6.

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