The Eye of Judgment review

Magic the Gathering meets Final Fantasy in PS3's innovative PS Eye game


  • Solid RPG gameplay
  • Watching monsters come to life
  • Finally mastering tactics


  • Takes forever to get going
  • More challenging than it looks
  • Could use some more depth

Oct 23, 2007

Those who play fantasy card games need big imaginations. To normal folk they%26rsquo;re just people sitting round their kitchen table flipping cards at one another, but in their minds they%26rsquo;re mighty goblins and sexy elves taking part in epic mythical battles. But in The Eye of Judgment you don%26rsquo;t have to imagine your cards coming to life, because they do, in hi-def. How? Magic. Except by %26ldquo;magic%26rdquo; we mean %26ldquo;a small plastic camera attached to a stand that reads barcodes on cards.%26rdquo;

Anyway, when you buy the game your box of tricks contains a disc, a pack of cards with lots of different monsters on them, a plastic stand, a PlayStation Eye and a cloth playing mat with a three by three grid on it. Setting it all up is an absolute chore and calibrating the camera is simple. Then when you%26rsquo;ve sorted everything out it%26rsquo;s time to battle.

More Info

DescriptionA card-battler that uses the PlayStation Eye to bring real, collectible cards to full 3D life onscreen. It's like Star Wars Chess, only if you win, a wookie won't rip your arms off.
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating12+
Release date23 October 2007 (US), 26 October 2007 (UK)