The Edukators review

Picture the scene: you comeback from holiday to find your furniture rearranged into artful towers and a printed note that reads, 'Your days of plenty are numbered' - You've just been visited by The Edukators.

Pete (Stipe Erceg) and Jan (Daniel Brühl) are a raggedy pair of German anarchists trying to change the world with this peculiar form of housebreaking. Nothing is stolen; their intention is to scare. Things take a darker turn when Pete's girlfriend Jule (Julia Jentsch) gets involved and talks - well, snogs - Jan into a spot of Edukational vengeance against a businessman to whom she owes money. Predictably, everything goes wrong and our trio find themselves playing reluctant kidnappers to a self-confessed capitalist with more smarts than the rest of them put together.

Hans Weingartner's film has some pointed things to say about naïve radicals and cynical entrepreneurs, but is too sweet-natured to deliver any real bite.


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